Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 7: Further Education

Đề trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 7 - Further Education gồm những câu hỏi trắc nghiệm có đáp án về chủ đề Giáo dục bậc cao

Câu 1.

A. maid

B. available

C. raise

D. said

Câu 2.

A. decreased

B. used

C. reached

D. developed

Câu 3.

A. dove

B. home

C. rainbow

D. bowl

Câu 4.

A. love

B. govern

C. cover

D. control

Câu 5.

A. Population

B. Available

C. University

D. Education

Câu 6.

A. population

B. available

C. university

D. education

Câu 7.

A. support

B. repeat

C. increase

D. broaden

Câu 8.

A. punishment

B. government

C. journalism

D. organization

Câu 9.

A. resource

B. average

C. method

D. college

Câu 10.

A. expert

B. control

C. limit

D. injury

Câu 26. You must have strong communication skills, and be able to think .

A. analytic

B. analysis

C. analytical

D. analytically

Câu 27. _________at medical schools are down this year.

A. Enroll

B. Enrolling

C. Enrollment

D. enrollments

Câu 31. The street is full of water because it ______for 3 hours.

A. Rains

B. has been raining

C. is raining

D. Rained

Câu 32. She looks very exhausted because she _______ all night.

A. is working

B. was working

C. worked

D. has been working

Câu 33. He ______ on the phone for hours.

A. has been talking

B. has been talked

C. is talking

D. Talks

Câu 34. She _______ for 2 hours and she is very tired now.

A. cycles

B. has been cycling

C. is cycling

D. Cycled

Câu 35. She is sleeping. She ______ since you went out.

A. Sleeps

B. Slept

C. has been sleeping

D. is sleeping

Câu 36. Amanda ________ lunch, so she'll come and see us now.

A. has already had

B. already had

C. already has

D. has already been having

Câu 37. The rain_______ . I _______ to the market yet because of the rain.

A. has just been stopping/ have not been going

B. has just stopped/ have not been going

C. just stopped/don't go

D. has just stopped/ have not gone

Câu 41. I _______ of buying new bicycle for my son. He ______ an old one since he was in secondary school. I _____ it several times.

A. have thought/ has been using/have been fixing

B. have thought/ has been used/have fixed

C. have been thinking/ has been úsing/have fixed

D. have been thinking/ has used/have been fixing

Câu 42. Don't disturb her, she _____ her homework. She _____ for 2 hours.

A. hasn't been finishing/ has been studying

B. has not finished/ has been studying

C. doesn't finish/has been studying

D. has not finished/ has studied

Câu 43. I _______ in this company for 2 years. During that time, I ______ a lot of English people.

A. am working/have already met

B. work/already met

C. have worked/have already met

D. have been working/ have already met

Câu 44. How long _______ in Da Nang? - I _______ there for 3 months.

A. have you been staying/ have been living

B. have you stayed/ have lived

C. do you live/live

D. are you living/am living

Câu 45. She ______ yet. I _____ her for half an hour. Have the film started?

A. doesn't arrive/am waiting

B. has not been arriving/ have waited

C. has not arrived/ have been waiting

D. has not arrived/ have waited

Câu 46. (1)

A. Gone

B. Brought

C. Taken

D. set

Câu 47. (2)

A. higher

B. futher

C. high

D. secondary

Câu 48. (3)

A. areas

B. grounds

C. yards

D. campuses

Câu 49. (4)

A. frequent

B. regular

C. usual

D. permanent

Câu 50. (5)

A. accepted

B. agreed

C. admitted

D. received

Câu 51. (6)

A. permitted

B. brought

C. requested

D. required

Câu 52. (7)

A. earn

B. show

C. manage

D. make

Câu 53. (8)

A. technique

B. technology

C. technician

D. technical

Câu 54. (9)

A. businesses

B. organizations

C. agencies

D. companies

Câu 55. (10)

A. capable

B. available

C. visible

D. possible

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

If you want to go to a university, you usually apply during your last year at school, when you are 17-18. You can apply to study at any university in Britain and most people choose a university that is not in their own town. So, university students usually live away from home. Students get a grant from the government to study. At the beginning of your last year at school, you receive an application form. On this form you choose up to five universities that you would like to go to. The form is sent to those universities with information from your school about you and your academic record. If the universities are interested in your application, they will ask you to attend an interview. If they are still interested after the interview, they will offer you a place. Any offer, however, is only conditional at this stage. Applications and interviews take place several months before students do their A-level examinations. These are the exams that you do at the end of your time at school. So, when a university makes an offer, it will tell you the minimum grades that you will have to get when you do your A-level exams. If you don't obtain those grades then, you will not be able to get the place. It will be offered to someone else and you must apply again to another university. You don't have to accept your place immediately. Some students don't want to go straight from school to university. So, after they have taken their A-level, they take a year out to work or travel.

Câu 56. The main idea of the passage is______.

A. how to be accepted to a university

B. how to take an A-level examination

C. studying at a university

D. what to do after leaving school

Câu 58. If the university is interested in the application, _____.

A. the student will be offered a place

B. the student will have to attend an interview

C. the student will go straight to the university

D. the student will take an A-level examination

Câu 59. Students do their A-level examination _______.

A. at the beginning of their last year at school

B. before they send the application forms to the universities

C. at the end of their time at school

D. right after they receive an application for

Câu 60. If the student's score is below the minimum grades announced by the university, ______.

A. the place will be offered to someone else

B. he must take a year out

C. he mustn't apply to any other university

D. he will be able to get the place

đáp án Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 7: Further Education

CâuĐáp ánCâuĐáp án
Câu 1DCâu 32D
Câu 2BCâu 33A
Câu 3ACâu 34B
Câu 4DCâu 35C
Câu 5BCâu 36A
Câu 6BCâu 37D
Câu 7DCâu 38A
Câu 8DCâu 39D
Câu 9ACâu 40B
Câu 10BCâu 41C
Câu 11BCâu 42B
Câu 12CCâu 43D
Câu 13ACâu 44A
Câu 14DCâu 45C
Câu 15ACâu 46C
Câu 16DCâu 47A
Câu 17CCâu 48D
Câu 18DCâu 49B
Câu 19ACâu 50C
Câu 20DCâu 51D
Câu 21CCâu 52A
Câu 22ACâu 53D
Câu 23BCâu 54A
Câu 24ACâu 55A
Câu 25ACâu 56A
Câu 26DCâu 57D
Câu 27DCâu 58B
Câu 28BCâu 59C
Câu 29ACâu 60C
Câu 30ACâu 61D
Câu 31B

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