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Câu Hỏi:
Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the correct answer for each of the blanks.

The citadel of the Ho Dynasty was built according to the Feng Shui principles, (1) ____ the flowering of neo-Confucianism in the late 14th century in Viet Nam and its spread to other (2) _____ of East Asia. According to these principles, it was located in a landscape of great (3)______ beauty on an axis (4) _____ the Tuong Son and Don Son Mountains in a plain between the Ma and Buoi Rivers. In terms of architectural history, the citadel of the Ho Dynasty (5) ______ an important role in the planning and building of urban areas in Viet Nam. It shows the uniqueness (6) _____ the constmction of a citadel in general and a stone citadel in particular, and a breakthrough in Viet Nam's tradition of citadel building.
Thanks to the unique construction techniques, all the (7) _____ stone sections are intact and have not been (8) _____ by time and weather or by recent urban encroachment. The citadel of the Ho Dynasty is an architectural (9) _____ of the 14th century with impressive architecture of the walls and other parts. The citadel buildings represent an outstanding example of a new (10) ______ of Southeast Asian imperial city with a combination between the Vietnamese architecture and the unique building techniques of Southeast Asia and Eastern Asian.
Đáp án và lời giải
đáp án đúng: A

Đáp án:
scenic (adj): thuộc cảnh vật, phong cảnh
visual (adj): thuộc thị giác
nature (n): thiên nhiên
significant (adj): có ý nghĩa, đáng kể
=> Dựa vào nghĩa thì chỉ có đáp án A là phù hợp nhất
According to these principles, it was located in a landscape of great scenic beauty...
Tạm dịch:
Theo những nguyên tắc này, nó nằm trong một cảnh quan mang vẻ đẹp phong cảnh tuyệt vời...
Đáp án cần chọn là: A.

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