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Câu Hỏi:
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

Highest Life Expectancy In The World

Longevity hot spots are located in regions of different countries where people commonly lead (1) ______ lives past the age of 100. A blue zone is considered to be a "longevity oasis" and the people who live there are believed to have the longest life expectancy on Earth. The longest living women were found in Okinawa, Japan. Another blue zone was discovered in the mountains of Sardinia, Italy where even men (2) ______ the age of 100 at an amazing rate, another was discovered on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica in 2007. Only one of the blue zones is located in the United States. It was found when researchers who were staying in Loma Linda, California discovered they suffered from (3) ______ of the diseases that commonly kill people in other parts of the United States and throughout the developed world. The final blue zone was found on an expedition to the island of Ikaria, Greece where they have 50% lower rates of heart disease, 20% less cancer, and (4) _______ zero dementia - loss of memory. What's their secret formula for (5) _____ another 10 healthy years? Scientists focused on these longevity hot spots to answer that question and found that while it helps to have good genes, that's less than 30% of the equation. If you adopt the right (6) _______ , they concluded the other 70% can be up to us. Other (7)______ the people living in the blue zones have in common include less stress and more (8)______ , strong (9) _______ on family, a fresh natural plant based, diet, very little red meat and daily exercise. Leading their lives with a sense of (10) ______ was a big factor. It insures they look forward to getting up in the morning.
Đáp án và lời giải
đáp án đúng: C

Đáp án:
remedy (n): trị liệu
behaviour (n): hành vi, cư xử
lifestyle (n): phong cách sống
medicine (n): thuốc
=> If you adopt the right lifestyle, they concluded the other 70% can be up to us.
Tạm dịch:
Nếu bạn áp dụng lối sống đúng đắn, họ kết luận 70% còn lại có thể tùy thuộc vào chúng tôi.
Đáp án cần chọn là: C

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