Đáp án đề Anh thi vào lớp 10 năm 2018 tỉnh Long An

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Đáp án đề thi Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 tỉnh Long An năm học 2018 được cập nhật chi tiết gợi ý và lời giải từng câu của đề thi tại đây.

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(Đề thi gồm 02 trang)


Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH (Công lập)

Ngày thi: 08 - 6 - 2018

Thời than 60 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

I. Put each verb in the correct form or tense. (1.5 points)

1. I (not, meet) ______ him since we left school in 2010.

2. The moon (move) _______ round the earth.

3. Last week, they (invite) _______ me to their garden party.

4. She (visit) __________ Hue next summer, won't she?

5. The local people are interested in (conserve) ______ natural tesources

6. Would you like (have) ______ a cup of tea, please?

II. Complete each sentence with one suitable preposition or connective given in the box. There is ONE extra word (1,25 points)

therefore - however - for - and - of - on

1. This book was given to me by my teacher ________my 15 birthday

2. She can't speak English ___________ she can't write it.

3. I'm so proud ________ my father and love him so much.

4. Mr. Brown is looking _________ an apartment on the cast side of the city.

3. I had a headache. ______I went to see a doctor.

III. Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence. (0,75 point)

1. No one likes her because she is _______ (FRIENDLY)

2. Tuoi Tre newspaper is _______ read by Vietnamese adults. (WIDE)

3. Many athletes feel the effects of air. ____during outdoor exercise. (POLLUTE)

IV. Complete the passage with the words given in the box. There is ONE extra word. (1,5 points)

presents - busiest - their - from - celebrate - holds - buying

In 1914, American President and Congress agreed that the 2nd Monday in May should be observed as Mother's Day. On this occasion, mother usually receives greeting cards and gifts (1) _________ her husband and children. Children give their mother flowers, (2) ________ and cards to show their love to her. The best gift of all for an American Mom is a day of leisure. Most American mothers have outside jobs as well as housework, so their working days are often very hard. Today, millions of Americans (3)  _____ Mother's day in some ways. More than 1500 million Mother's Day greeting cards are bought every year. It is also one of the (4) _______ days of the year for the lower industry. Americans spend millions of dollars (5) _______ Mother's Day gifts. Clothes, perfurnes, jewelry and books or tickets to the theater are given to mothers. People who cannot be with (6) _____ mothers on that day usually send them presents and call them on the phone.

V. Read the passage and do the following tasks. (2,0 points)

A tornado is a violent storm that usually occurs on plains in the interior sections of a continent. Tornadoes are easy to recognize. They are huge and shaped like a funnel. They are often called "twisters" because the winds inside the funnel twist rapidly. These violent, twisting storms can cause enormous damage. There are a number of reasons for this. First, high winds can blow away even large objects, such as houses and cars. Second, differences in air pressure can cause building walls to explode when the fornado passes over. Last, tornadoes can move very quickly, destroying everything in their way, Tornadoes not only damage houses and land, but they also kill people. Trees and cows have also been destroyed in the storms. Therefore, people are cautioried to find a safe place when one of these violent storms occurs.

* Complete the answers with information from the passage. WRITE NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

1. Where does a tornado usually occur?

=> It usually_______________in the interior sections of a continent.

2. Why are tornadoes also called twisters?

=> Because_______________inside the funnel twist rapidly.

*Write full answers to the questions.

3. What can differences in air pressure cause when the tomado passes over?

=> ___________________________________________________________________________

4. What should people do when one of these violent storms occurs?


VI. Rewrite the following sentences as directed. (2.0 points)

1. It's a pity I can't have time for a chat.

=> I wish ____________________________________________________________

2. She is tired, so she doesn't attend the meeting

=> If___________________________________________________________________________

3. Martha delivered some documents to the department.

=> Some documents ____________________________________________________________

4. Why don't we take a shower instead of a bath to save energy?

=> Shall ___________________________________________________________________________

VII. Make meaningful sentences from the words or phrases given. (1.0 point)

1. It/be/casier/us/ leam vocabulary/with/ good dictionary.

=> ___________________________________________________________________________

2. The man/ who / use / be/my French teacher/move/Paris/ last year.

-----THE END---

Đáp án tham khảo:


1. have not met

2. moves

3. invited

4. will visit

5. conserving

6. to have


1. on

2. and

3. of

4. forsin

5. Therefore


1. unfriendly

2. widely

3. pollution


1. from

2. presents

3. celebrate

4. busiest

5. buying

6. their


1. occurs on plains

2. the winds

3. Differences in air pressure can cause building walls to explode when the tornado passes over.

4. People should find a safe place when one of these violent storms accurs.


1. I wish I had time I could have time for a chat.

2. If she were not tired, she would attend the meeting.

3. Some documents were delivered to the department by Martha.

4. Shall we take a shower instead of a bath to save energy?


1. It is easier for us to learn vocabulary with a good dictionary.

2. The man who used to be my French teacher moved to Paris last year.

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