Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 5: Being part of Asean

Đề trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 5 - Being part of Asean gồm những câu hỏi trắc nghiệm có đáp án với chủ đề Là một thành viên của ASEAN.

Câu 9. The discovery of oil brought many benefits to the town.

A. Advantage

B. Weakness

C. Shortcoming

D. motto

Câu 13. ASEAN stands for______of Southeast Asian Nations.

A. Assistance

B. Association

C. Assonance

D. Academy

Câu 16.

A. Minority

B. Literacy

C. Primary

D. Library

Câu 17.

A. eradicate

B. campaign

C. vacation

D. transport

Câu 18.

A. struggle

B. maturity

C. student

D. education

Câu 19.

A. please

B. decrease

C. speech

D. realistic

Câu 20.

A. ethnic

B. northern

C. healthy

D. south

Câu 21.

A. Illiterate

B. Eradicate

C. Voluntary

D. Minority

Câu 22.

A. combat

B. ethnic

C. province

D. campaign

Câu 23.

A. volunteer

B. struggle

C. promise

D. concentrate

Câu 24.

A. education

B. universal

C. eradication

D. population

Câu 25.

A. considerable

B. effective

C. relevant

D. maturity

Câu 26. I can hear a cat __________ at the window.

A. Scratches

B. To scratch

C. Scratching

D. Was scratching

Câu 29. Last night we saw a meteor_____through the sky.

A. Streaked

B. To streak

C. Streak

D. To have streak

Câu 34. I remember______a toy car on my fifth birthday.

A. To be given

B. Being given

C. To give

D. giving

Câu 35. The soil needs_____immediately.

A. Fertilize

B. To fertilize

C. Fertilizing

D. fertilized

Câu 40. Choose the best answer.It's no use ______ me to go to hospital.

A. Persuaded

B. Persuade

C. Persuading

D. to persuade

Câu 42. My father is busy ________ my bike.

A. to fix

B. fix

C. fixing

D. fixed

Câu 43. I remember _______ you somewhere last year.

A. Meeting

B. to meet

C. having met

D. Met

Câu 48. I'm sorry, I don't mean _____ on your foot.

A. to step

B. stepping

C. to stepping

D. Step

Câu 49. I can hear a cat __________ at the window.

A. Scratches

B. to scratch

C. scratching

D. was scratching

Câu 51. Last night we saw a meteor _____ through the sky.

A. Streaked

B. to streak

C. streak

D. to have streak

Câu 55. The soil needs _______ immediately.

A. Fertilize

B. to fertilize

C. to be fertilized

D. Fertilized

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and brings together the incredible musical (1) _______ of Indonesia as well as international artists who have made their (2) _______ in the world of jazz. Held annually for 3 days in early March since 2005, the festival has been packing in the crowds from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other Southeast Asian countries. The Sabah International Folklore Festival was created in 2001 to coincide with the state's biggest cultural event, the Harvest Festival, (3) _______ music and dance is an (4) _______ part of the celebration. Folk dancers from 11 countries as diverse as Poland, Taiwan and Argentina come together to join with their musical (5) _______ in Malaysia. Sarawak has two annual music festivals covering two very different music (6)_______. The Miri International Jazz Festival will be held in Miri in May. (7)_______by the Sarawak Tourism Board, the festival enters its 5th year highlighting performances from jazz bands from various countries and their (8) _______ form of jazz which includes blues, fusion, smooth and Latino beats. Event organizers are trying to (9) _______over 8,000 jazz lovers to the festival this year. Another music festival is the Rainforest World Music Festival to be staged at picturesque Sarawak Cultural Village next to the mystical mountain Santubong. Bands from USA, Portugal, Tanzania, New Zealand, Poland, France and Korea are lined up to perform as well as local Malaysian bands. World music (10) _______together with the locals, and a growing number of tourists are expected to turn up.

Câu 56. (1)

A. Attractions

B. Entertainment

C. Talents

D. Instruments

Câu 57. (2)

A. displays

B. quality

C. features

D. level

Câu 58. (3)

A. where

B. which

C. that

D. what

Câu 59. (4)

A. including

B. integral

C. easy

D. available

Câu 60. (5)

A. voices

B. relatives

C. counterparts

D. folklore

Câu 61. (6)

A. stages

B. bands

C. characters

D. types

Câu 62. (7)

A. Organize

B. Organizing

C. Organized

D. Being organized

Câu 63. (8)

A. unique

B. uniform

C. equal

D. strange

Câu 64. (9)

A. invite

B. ask

C. take

D. attract

Câu 65. (10)

A. people

B. listeners

C. enthusiasts

D. teams

Câu 66. Not until the Fourth ASEAN Summit in 1992 did the ASEAN leaders pay attention to_____.

A. cultural, economic, and social collaborations

B. the fields of higher education and human resources

C. the establishment of the ASEAN Charter

D. the university network in each member nation

Câu 67. The ASEAN University Network ______.

A. took 2 years to establish from the original idea

B. has increased the number of universities in ASEAN

C. has developed its membership since its establishment

D. led to the enlargement of ASEAN by the ASEAN Charter

Câu 68. The statement to which the author would most probably disagree is that _______.

A. ASEAN's growth is significant and pretty fast

B. there are noticeable improvements in several fields in ASEAN

C. cooperation and collaborations are the key to success

D. giving higher education a low priority is reasonable

Câu 69. All of the following could be strategies of the AUN to achieve its goals EXCEPT _______.

A. national training programmes for developing human resources

B. conferences on education and science

C. the transfer of scientific knowledge and information among its members

D. exchange programmes for students and professors

Câu 70. The word "existing" in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by ________.

A. officially recognized

B. currently in operation

C. struggling for survival

D. facing extinction

đáp án Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 11 unit 5: Being part of Asean

CâuĐáp ánCâuĐáp án
Câu 1ACâu 36B
Câu 2CCâu 37D
Câu 3CCâu 38A
Câu 4ACâu 39A
Câu 5CCâu 40C
Câu 6DCâu 41D
Câu 7CCâu 42C
Câu 8BCâu 43A
Câu 9ACâu 44C
Câu 10DCâu 45B
Câu 11DCâu 46D
Câu 12ACâu 47B
Câu 13BCâu 48A
Câu 14DCâu 49C
Câu 15ACâu 50D
Câu 16BCâu 51C
Câu 17CCâu 52A
Câu 18ACâu 53B
Câu 19DCâu 54C
Câu 20BCâu 55C
Câu 21CCâu 56C
Câu 22DCâu 57D
Câu 23ACâu 58A
Câu 24CCâu 59B
Câu 25CCâu 60C
Câu 26CCâu 61D
Câu 27DCâu 62C
Câu 28BCâu 63A
Câu 29CCâu 64D
Câu 30ACâu 65C
Câu 31CCâu 66B
Câu 32CCâu 67C
Câu 33ACâu 68D
Câu 34BCâu 69A
Câu 35CCâu 70B

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