Đề luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT môn tiếng Anh 2021 số 10

Luyện tập thử sức với đề luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT môn tiếng Anh đề số 10 (có đáp án) thuộc bộ đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia 2021 bám sát theo đề thi minh họa.

Câu 1.

A. mindset

B. application

C. discrimination

D. disposal

Câu 2.

A. interviewed

B. remembered

C. established

D. claimed

Câu 3.

A. achievement

B. anonymous

C. community

D. bronchi

Câu 4.

A. biomass

B. geothermal

C. perseverance

D. Generosity

Câu 5. I saw a terrible accident while I _________ on the beach.

A. am walking

B. was walking

C. walked

D. were walking

Câu 8. They had sold out all the tickets _________.

A. until we were arriving at the theater

B. when we arrived at the theater

C. because we have arrived at the theater

D. in case we had arrived at the theater

Câu 11. _________ are that stock price will go up in the coming months.

A. Chances

B. Opportunities

C. Possibilities

D. Conditions

Câu 12. We didn’t go anywhere yesterday _________ the rain.

A. because

B. in spite of

C. because of

D. though

Câu 14. You couldn't help me with my homework, _________?

A. couldn't you

B. will you

C. won’t you

D. could you

Câu 18. You will get a good seat if you _________ first.

A. will come

B. would come

C. came

D. come

Câu 19. Every time he opens his mouth, he immediately regrets what he said. He’s always putting his foot in his mouth.

A. making a mistake

B. doing things in the wrong order

C. saying embarrassing things

D. speaking indirectly

Câu 21. I must have a watch since punctuality is imperative in my new job.

A. being late

B. being efficient

C. being cheerful

D. being courteous

Câu 23. - Mike: “My first English test was not as good as I expected.”
- Thomas: “__________________”

A. Never mind, better job next time!

B. Good Heavens!

C. That’s brilliant enough!

D. It’s okay, don’t worry.

Câu 24. - John: “Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?”
- Linda: “___________________”

A. Well, that’s very surprising

B. Yes, it’s an absurd idea

C. Of course not. You bet

D. There is no doubt about it

Câu 25.

A. therefore

B. once

C. though

D. so that

Câu 26.

A. few

B. many

C. a little

D. much

Câu 27.

A. locals

B. foreigners

C. master

D. levels

Câu 28.

A. relating

B. worrying

C. booming

D. informing

Câu 29.

A. when

B. which

C. why

D. who

Câu 30. Which of the following is NOT true about Stella’s family?

A. She is the youngest.

B. Her father is a famous singer.

C. One of her sisters is a photographer.

D. She has three sisters.

Câu 31. Stella, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss__________.

A. had been friends before 1995

B. are very famous fashion models

C. all performed at the final show in 1995

D. met for the first time at her fashion show

Câu 32. Which of the following is TRUE about the show?

A. There was no one famous appearing in the show.

B. Everyone was surprised when Stella’s show was successful.

C. The show was the last show of Stella.

D. The models performed clothes designed by Stella.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

An air pollutant is defined as a compound added directly or indirectly by humans to the atmosphere in such quantities as to affect humans, animals, vegetation, or materials adversely. Air pollution requires a very flexible definition that permits continuous changes. When the first air pollution laws were established in England in the fourteenth century, air pollutants were limited to compounds that could be seen or smelled- a far cry from the extensive list of harmful substances known today. As technology has developed and knowledge of health aspects of various chemicals has increased, the list of air pollutants has lengthened. In the future, even water vapor might be considered an air pollutant under certain conditions.
Many of more important air pollutants, such as sulfur oxides, carbon monoxides and nitrogen oxides are found in nature. As the Earth developed, the concentration of these pollutants was altered by various chemical reactions; they became components in biogeochemical cycles. These serve as an air purification scheme by allowing the compounds to move from the air to the water or soil. On a global basis, nature's output of these compounds dwarfs that resulting from human activities.
However, human production usually occurs in a localized area, such as a city. In such region, human output may be dominant and may temporarily overload the natural purification scheme of the cycles. The result is an concentration of noxious chemicals in the air. The concentrations at which the adverse effects appear will be greater than the concentrations that the pollutants would have in the absence of human activities. The actual concentration need not be large for a substance to be a pollutant; in fact, the numerical value tells us little until we know how much of an increase this represents over the concentration that would occur naturally in the area. For example, sulfur dioxide has detectable health effects at 0. 08 parts per million (ppm), which is about 400 times its natural level. Carbon monoxide, however has a natural level of 0.1 ppm and is not usually a pollutant until its level reaches about 15 ppm.

Câu 35. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. How much harm air pollutants can cause.

B. The effects of compounds added to the atmosphere.

C. What constitutes an air pollutant?

D. The economic impact of air pollution.

Câu 37. The word “These” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to __________.

A. the compounds moved to the water or soil

B. the components in biogeochemical cycles

C. the pollutants from the developing Earth

D. the various chemical reactions

Câu 38. For which of the following reasons can natural pollutants play an important role in controlling air pollution?

A. They have existed since the Earth developed.

B. They occur in greater quantities than other pollutants.

C. They are less harmful to living beings than other pollutants.

D. They function as part of a purification process.

Câu 39. According to the passage, human-generated air pollution in localized regions __________.

A. can overwhelm the natural system that removes pollutants

B. can be dwarfed by nature’s output of pollutants

C. will damage areas outside of the localized regions

D. will react harmfully with natural pollutants

Câu 40. According to the passage, the numerical value of the concentration level of a substance is only useful if __________.

A. it is in a localized area

B. the other substances in the area are known

C. it can be calculated quickly

D. the natural level is also known

Câu 42. Which of the following is best supported by the passage?

A. One of the most important steps in preserving natural lands is to better enforce air pollution laws.

B. Human activities have been effective in reducing air pollution.

C. To effectively control pollution, local government should regularly review their air pollution laws.

D. Scientists should be consulted in order to establish uniform limits for all air pollutants.

Câu 46. He took the food eagerly because he had eaten nothing since dawn.

A. He had eaten nothing since dawn although he took the food eagerly.

B. Having eaten nothing since dawn, he took the food eagerly.

C. The food was taken at dawn and he had nothing to eat then.

D. He had eaten something before but he took the food eagerly.

Câu 47. However old and worn his clothes were, they looked clean and of good quality.

A. He was fond of wearing such old and worn clothes because they were of good quality.

B. No matter what good quality his clothes had, they looked old and worn.

C. His clothes, though old and worn, looked clean and of good quality.

D. His clothes looked clean and of good quality because they were old and worn.

Câu 48. The children ran to the yard to see the dragon, but it was no longer there.

A. The dragon had gone after the children ran to the yard.

B. The dragon had gone by the time the children ran to the yard.

C. When the children ran to the yard, the dragon was going.

D. The dragon went by the time the children ran to the yard.

Câu 49. The house is very beautiful. Its gate was painted blue.

A. The house, the gate of whom was painted blue, is very beautiful.

B. The house, which is very beautiful, was painted blue.

C. The house, the gate of that was painted blue, is very beautiful.

D. The house, the gate of which was painted blue, is very beautiful.

Câu 50. Most of the classmates couldn’t come. He invited them to the birthday party.

A. Most of the classmates he was invited to the birthday party couldn’t come.

B. Most of the classmates which he invited to the birthday party couldn’t come.

C. Most of the classmates he invited to the birthday party couldn’t come.

D. Most of the classmates that he invited them to the birthday party couldn’t come.

đáp án Đề luyện thi tốt nghiệp THPT môn tiếng Anh 2021 số 10

CâuĐáp ánCâuĐáp án
Câu 1ACâu 26B
Câu 2CCâu 27A
Câu 3DCâu 28C
Câu 4ACâu 29B
Câu 5BCâu 30D
Câu 6BCâu 31A
Câu 7ACâu 32D
Câu 8BCâu 33A
Câu 9CCâu 34A
Câu 10CCâu 35C
Câu 11ACâu 36A
Câu 12CCâu 37B
Câu 13BCâu 38D
Câu 14DCâu 39A
Câu 15CCâu 40D
Câu 16ACâu 41D
Câu 17ACâu 42A
Câu 18DCâu 43B
Câu 19CCâu 44A
Câu 20DCâu 45A
Câu 21ACâu 46B
Câu 22CCâu 47C
Câu 23ACâu 48B
Câu 24DCâu 49B
Câu 25BCâu 50C

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