Đáp án đề Tiếng Anh thi vào lớp 10 tỉnh Bến Tre năm 2018

Đọc Tài Liệu xin chia sẻ đến các sĩ tử gợi ý đáp án các câu trong đề thi Tiếng Anh tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 tỉnh Bến Tre năm học 2018 - 2019.

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Đề chính thức:



(Đề thi gồm 04 trang)

NĂM HỌC 2018-2019
Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH (Chung)
Thời gian: 90 phút
(Không kể thời gian giao đề)


Part 1: Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three
in pronunciation in each of the following questions. (0,3 point) 

Question 1: A. computer            B situation        C. telephone        D. teacher
Question 2: A. buildings             B. schools        C. zoose              D. markets
Question 3: A disappeared        B. decided        C. claimed           D. freed 

Part 2: Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions. (0,2 point) 
Question 4: A. entertain        B. magazine        C. industry        D. volunteer
Question 5: A. carthquake        B. energy        C. although        D. forward


Read the dialogue in the second column and fill in each blank with one suitable sentence from A to E in the first one.


  1. No, we shouldn't do that. Burning trash will pollute enviropment the air.
  2. How can we reduce air pollution?
  3. How can we reduce water pollution?
  4. What should we do?
  5. Why? How come?

A: I think we should do something to protect our environment.
B: (1) __________________________________
A: I think we should burn trash to reduce the amount of a garbage
B: (2) ________________________ I think the best way to reduce garbage is to reuse and recycle things.
A: I agree. And I think it would be better if we use

C. How can we reduce water banana leaves instead of paper or plastic bags to wrap pollution? .
B: (3) ________________________
A: Because plastic bags are very hard to dissolve, they will cause pollution.
B: (4) That's right ________________________
A: We don’t throw wartes and garbage into canals. Streams and lakes, river and oceans.
B: Yes, and we can also reduce air pollution.
A: ________________________
B. We use public buses instead of motorbikes, and we use bicycles instead of motorbikes or cars in the streets
A: That's a good idea! Let's do that.


Part 1: Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. (1,5 points)

Question 1: What time ________ your work yesterday?

A. did you finish
B. are you finishing
C. have you finished
D. do you finish

Question 2: This kind of music is very ________ at the present time.

A. preferred
B. liked
C. favourite
D. popular

Question 3: I'm not going out yet. I'm waiting ________  the rain to stop.

A for
B. at
C. on
D. with

Question 4: Lan enjoys watching television after dinner, ________ ?

A. does she
B. doesn't she
C. did she
D. didn't she. 

Question 5: ________ the TV. There's nothing interesting on.

A. Turn down
B. Turn up
C.Turn off
D. Turn on

Question 6: ________ his frequent absence from class, he passed the test.

A. Because
B. Even though
C. In spite of
D. Therefore

Question 7: His parents are quite ________ that their son passed the entrance exam.

A. pleased
B. disappointed
C. angry
D. sure

Question 8: Please spend time ________ over my composition for spelling errors!

A. read
B. reading
C. to read
D. to reading

Question 9: The animals ________ you saw on TV were from Africa.

A. who
B. whom
C. which
D. where

Question 10: ________ him, people named the school after him.

A. To remember
B. For remember
C. Remember
D. Remembering

Part 2: Give the correct form of the word in parentheses to complete each of the following questions. (0,5 point)

Question 1: When will they finish the ________ of your house?(decorate)
Question 2: I like watching the news because it is very ________ (inform)
Question 3: My parents are so ________ of my intelligence. (pride)
Question 4:
Please read this text ________ (care)
Question 5:
Charles Dickens wrote such ________ stories as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. (forget)

Part 3: Read the passage and choose ONE word which best fits each of the numbered blanks. (1,0 point)

Energy is one of the problems that many people (1)________  interested in. It is not an unfamiliar word. It is heard, said, discussed day after day. It is close to everyone's daily life. You turn on a lamp and it is energy that gives you light. You turn on a TV and it is energy that gives you pictures and sound. You (2)________  a motorcycle and it is energy that gives you movement. You cook your meals and it is energy that gives you heat to boil rice.

The problem is that the demand for energy is rising and that the price of energy is getting higher (3)________  higher. The supply of energy on earth is limited. It cannot provide us all forever. The shortage of energy in the future is inevitable. Therefore, saving energy is a must if we want to continue to live in a safe and sound world.

If we save energy, the environment will be less polluted and our health will be better and we will live in a more meaningful life and more happily. Perhaps (4)________  bes solution to the problem of energy is a source of clean energy (5) ________ from the sun solar energy. This kind of energy is easily available, free, and inexhaustible. Furthern does not cause pollution.

Part 4: Find the underlined part which is incorrect and CORRECT ir in each of the following questions. (1,0 point)

Example: 0. It's going to be rainy in Tokyo, that is the capital city of Japan.

                             A              B                      C                              D

Your answer: 0. C -> which

Question 1: I'm tired although I stayed up late to do all my homework last night.

                          A       B                                      C                 D

Question 2: Anne felt very happily because she got mark 10 in math.

                                              A           B                        C            D

Question 3: Could you mind telling me the way to the nearest post office?

                       A                       B                   C                 D

Question 4: Sarah has been working for the company from 2001.

                                  A              B         C                        D

Questions 5: I enjoyed the book that you told me to read it.

                            A                         B            C            D


Part 1: Read the passage and answer the questions given below. (1,0 point)

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in St Petersburg, then known as Leningrad, He was raised as an only child; his two brothers died young, one shortly after birth, the other of diphtheria during World War II. Although it was officially prohibited by the Communist Law, Putin was baptized in the Russian Orthodox faith. In his youth he was often called Putka. His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was a factory foreman and died in August 1999 (his mother, Maria Ivanovna Putina, died six months earlier).

Mr. Putin has good command of English and German and he is fond of sports, especially wrestling. He has been going in for sambo (a Russian style of self-defence) and judo since the age of 11. He won the sambo championship of St Petersburgh many times and became Master of Sports first in sambo and later in judo. Putin doesn't smoke and he is not an excessive drinker.

Question 1: When and where was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin born?

Question 2: How many brothers and sisters did he have?

Question 3: On what date did his mother die?

Question 4: How many kinds of sports was he good at? What are they?

Question 5: Who do you love most in your family? Why?

Part 2: Read the passage and choose letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct word phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. (1,5 points)

Today, supermarkets are found in almost every cityity in the worl. But supermarket (1)_______ opened only fifty years ago, I ed only fifty years ago, It was opened in New York by a man named Michael Cullen.

Some supermarkets are different from other types of stores in scveral ways. In supermarkets goods are placed (2)________open shelves. The (3)________ choosechoose what they want and take them to the checkout counter. This means that fewer shop assistants are needed than in the storess. The way products are displayed is another difference between supermarkets and many other types of stores; (4)__________examples, in supermarkets, there is usually a display of small inexpensive items just in front of the checkout counter, candies, chocolates, magazines, cheap foods and so on. Most customers (5)______ go to a supermarket to buy goods from their shopping lists. They know what they need to buy. They do the shopping according to a plan.

Question 1: A. is                     B. has been                   C. was                D. were

Question 2: A. in                     B. on                              C. from               D. with

Question 3: A. customers        B. managers                C. assistants        D. sellers

Question 4: A. in                     B. for                             C. of                    D by

Question 5: A. who                  B. what                         C. which              D. whom

SECTION V: WRITING (2,5 points)

Part 1: Finish each sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the one printed before it. (1,0 point)

Question 1: What a pity! He is not at Jane's party now

He wishes_____________________

Question 2: He is painting the walls for me.

The walls______________________

Question 3: "Have you ever been here?" she asked me.

She asked ___________________

Question 4: I haven't seert the film before.

This is the_____________________

Question 5: His illness was serious, but he went to school.

Although he was_________________

Part 2: Arrange the words and phrases given in order to make meaningful sentences. (0,6 point)

Question 1: school/a/she/go/had/Jane/from/headache/had/home/because/to/. (12 words)

Question 2: baths/showers//as/as/taking/twice/suggest/because/water/use/showers/much/.(13 words)

Part 3: Write complete sentences, using the suggested words and phrases given. (0,9 point)

Question 1: Scientists/ be/ shock/ find out more/ one million species/ lose/ 2050. //

Question 2: Without his father/ interfere/ everything would go/ smoothly/ yesterday. //

Question 3: The streets/ here/ narrow/ that/ cars/ not allow/center/ town. //

--------------THE END----------------

Đáp án tham khảo:


Part 1.

Question 1. B

Question 2. B

Question 3. B

Part 2.

Question 4. C

Question 5. C


(1) D         (2) A          (3) E          (4) C       (5) B


Part 1.

Question 1. A

Question 2. D

Question 3. A

Question 4. B

Question 5.C

Question 6. C

Question 7. A

Question 8. B

Question 9. C

Question 10. A

Part 2.

Question 1. decoration

Question 2. informative

Question 3. proud

Question 4. carefully

Question 5. unforgettable

Part 3.

Question 1. are

Question 2. ride

Question 3. and

Question 4. the

Question 5. coming

Part 4.

Question 1. B: although => because

Question 2. A: happily => happy

Question 3. A: Could=> Would

Question 4. D: from => since

Question 5. D: to read it => to read


Part 1.

Question 1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in St Petersburg.

Question 2. He had two brothers.

Question 3. His mother died in February 1999.

Question 4. He is good at 3 kinds of sports. They are wrestling, sambo and judo.

Question 5. In my family, I love my mother most. Because she has been always beside me and taken care of me with all her love sine I was born up to the present.

Part 2.

Question 1. C

Question 2. B

Question 3.A

Question 4. B

Question 5. A


Part 1.

Question 1. He wishes he were at Jane's party now.

Question 2. The walls are being painted for me.

Question 3. She asked me if/ whether I had ever been there.

Question 4. This is the first time I have seen the film.

Question 5. Although he was seriously ill, he went to school.

Part 2.

Question 1. Jane had to go home from school because she had a headache.

Question 2. I suggest taking showers because baths use twice as much as water showers.

Part 3.

Question 1. Scientists are shocked to find out more one million species will lose by 2050.

Question 2. Without his father's interfere, everything would not have gone smoohly yesterday.

Question 3. The streets here are so narrow that car are not allowed in the center town.


-------THE END------


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