What a beautiful dress you're wearing! - Thank you. It_____ especially for me by

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Ann lives in London. She is twenty-nine and works for the BBC. She interviews people on an early morning news program called The World Today. Every weekday she gets up at 3:00 in the morning because the program starts at 6.30. She loves her work because it is exciting and she meets a lot of very interesting people, but she loves her weekend, too.
On Fridays she comes home from the BBC at about 2.00 in the afternoons and she just relaxes. On Friday evenings she doesn't go out, but sometimes a friend comes for dinner. He or she brings wine and they cook. Ann loves cooking. They listen to music or just chat.
On Saturday mornings she gets up at 9.00 and she goes shopping. Then in the evenings she sometimes goes to the theater or opera with a friend - she loves opera. Then they eat in her favorite Chinese restaurant. On Sunday mornings she stays in bed late. She doesn't get up until 11.00. Sometimes in the afternoons she visits her sister. She lives in the country and has two children. She likes playing with her niece and nephew, but she leaves early because she goes to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings.
"What a beautiful dress you're wearing!" - "Thank you. It_____ especially for me by a French tailor two years ago".

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"What a beautiful dress you're wearing!" - "Thank you. It was made especially for me by a French tailor two years ago".
Dịch: "Chiếc váy bạn đang mặc thật là đẹp!" - "Cảm ơn bạn. Nó đặc biệt may cho tôi bởi một thợ may người Pháp hai năm trước".
Giải thích: Thì quá khứ đơn dạng bị động
S + was/ were + V3 (+ by Sb/ O)

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