Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 9: Preserving The Environment

Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 9 gồm các câu hỏi về chủ đề Preserving The Environment giúp bạn ôn tập và nắm vững các kiến thức trong nội dung bài học

Choose the letter A, B, C or D the word that has the underlined part different from others.

Câu 1.
Câu 2.
Câu 3.
Câu 4.
Câu 5.
Câu 6.
Câu 7.

Choose the letter A, B, C or D the word that has different stress pattern from others.

Câu 8.
Câu 9.
Câu 10.
Câu 11.
Câu 12.
Câu 13.
Câu 14.
Câu 15.

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the sentences

Câu 16. He promised to call _________________I have never heard from him again.
Câu 17. Let's _________ water by turning off tapes when not using.
Câu 18. I_______ in the lounge for ten minutes.
Câu 19. If you ask __________ people, they will tell you the way to Gobi Highlands.
Câu 20. My mother told me she _______ very tired since she came back from a visit to our grandparents.
Câu 21. They realised that they __________their way in the dark.
Câu 22. Up to now, the teacher _____________our class five tests.
Câu 23. What did you have for ..... breakfast this morning?
Câu 24. "Do you know that beautiful lady over there?" - "Yes, that's Victoria. She's ______in her group."
Câu 25. Both fossil fuel _______ non-renewable resources are very important to our life.
Câu 26. Tom is watching TV now. So_____________.
Câu 27. - Lisa: "Have you been able to reach Peter?" - Gina: "......"
Câu 28. Recycling is a good way of ___________ the environment.
Câu 29. What about ___________ the solution together this afternoon?
Câu 30. If you had caught the bus, you _____ late for work.

Read the passage below and decide whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE?

Many environmental problems seem so big that only governments, local authorities or big companies can deal with them. One example is global warming. We need government action to reduce emissions from coal and oil burning power stations and to develop safer sources of power. These require tough regulations and huge investment. The loss of forests and other habitat is another problem. How can we as individuals stop the destruction of the Amazon or Indonesian rain forests? Yet another example is waste. When people live in cities, they may not be able store or recycle waste, so huge landfills or incinerators are needed.

However, as consumers, we are the ones responsible for all these problems. First of all, we all need to consume less power. We need to turn off lights, replace inefficient bulbs with low-power ones, and not leave equipment on standby. Secondly, we need to control our surging populations. Each of us can make a decision regarding family size. This has a huge impact on the size of our cities and the need for food and more agricultural land. In addition, we need to consider eating less meat and more vegetables and fruit, in order to reduce the amount of land needed for meat. Generally, the main step we need to take is to live more simply. We need to reduce our consumption, recycle, and reuse.

Câu 31. Question: The government's role is to reduce emissions and develop safer sources of energy.
Câu 32. Question: When people live in cities, they may be able store or recycle waste.
Câu 33. Question: We have no responsibility for the problem.
Câu 34. Question: Turning off lights and equipment, and using low power bulbs helps to save electricity.
Câu 35. Question: Family size is natural and we can do nothing about it.

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the passage below

Sometimes people forget how we depend __________ (6) nature and environment surrounding us. We spend mindlessly __________ (7) resources given by nature and believe that they are unlimited. Over the last millennia the population on the planet grew immensely and our needs increase with every year. We achieved great breakthrough in industry __________ (8) other fields of production. But this growth resulted in poor environmental conditions. It seems that every achievement and advancement only __________ (9) damage to nature.

We __________ (10) natural resources thoughtlessly for many years. Once we exhausted one resource we started to use up another alternative. Have you ever thought what our life will be when coal and oil will come to the end? Plug-in hybrid vehicles are good solutions for the fuel crisis to come.

Câu 36. Question 6:
Câu 37. Question 7:
Câu 38. Question 8:
Câu 39. Question 9:
Câu 40. Question 10:

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to answer these following questions

Nature gave us all necessary resources to live and prosper. Now it is in danger and needs our help. What else we can do to protect environment? First of all this decisions must be made on governmental level and provide legal limitations for industries that emit a lot of greenhouse gases. We must unite together in order to protect the place we live in. People are an integral part of nature, we are dependent of it as we cannot imagine our life without nature. So why to destroy environment and bite the hand that feeds you? We must stop deforestation and plant trees on cut down areas. Trees are natural filter of air that absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Cutting down trees we deprive animals of their natural environment and the soil begin to grow in erosion. Planting trees will save birds and other animals.

We often make forced choices that are advertised on TV. Manufacturers try to rise their profits and sell more products. Sometimes we have so many unnecessary things we do not use. Imagine that you are moving your house, what are the necessary items you may need to live, only several bags. In reality the matter is opposite. There are a lot of things we do not use. People have to reconsider their views of life and promote healthy and ecologically friendly lifestyle. It is up to us to change situation for better and leave good legacy for generations to come.

Câu 41. Question: Are we dependent on nature?
Câu 42. Question: What is in danger and need our help?
Câu 43. Question: Why should we plant trees?
Câu 44. Question: What do the writer take moving house as an example for?
Câu 45. Question: What do people have to reconsider?

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the sentences with given words

Câu 46. The second/ priority/ train/ young people/ job application skills.
Câu 47. What/ most/ important/ volunteer activity/ our area?
Câu 48. He/ see/ advertisement/ the Youth Newspaper/ February 22th.
Câu 49. He/ be/ creative, patient/ and/ have/ great love/ children.
Câu 50. I/ can/ send/ you/ references/ the Director of the Happy Mind Charity Centre.

Rearrange the sentences to make meaningful sentences

Câu 51. late/go/now/home/should/you/ it's/and
Câu 52. give/the present/tomorrow/we/him/will
Câu 53. have/at the station/her/we/just met
Câu 54. he/unhealthy/was/last week/./he/in hospital/looks
Câu 55. weeks/in France/spend/I/will/next year/my holiday/for two

Rewrite sentences without changing the meaning

Câu 56. "I am sorry but I won't do the extra work," Carol said.
Câu 57. He prefers siting at home to playing outside.
Câu 58. "Go home." said the teacher to us.
Câu 59. He won the first prize thanks to his good reaction.
Câu 60. "Don't forget to clean your teeth," said Granny to Helen.

đáp án Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 9: Preserving The Environment

CâuĐáp ánCâuĐáp án
Câu 1BCâu 31A
Câu 2ACâu 32B
Câu 3DCâu 33B
Câu 4ACâu 34A
Câu 5ACâu 35B
Câu 6CCâu 36B
Câu 7ACâu 37A
Câu 8ACâu 38C
Câu 9BCâu 39D
Câu 10CCâu 40D
Câu 11CCâu 41A
Câu 12ACâu 42C
Câu 13BCâu 43A
Câu 14CCâu 44B
Câu 15DCâu 45D
Câu 16ACâu 46A
Câu 17ACâu 47D
Câu 18BCâu 48D
Câu 19CCâu 49D
Câu 20BCâu 50C
Câu 21ACâu 51C
Câu 22CCâu 52A
Câu 23ACâu 53B
Câu 24ACâu 54C
Câu 25BCâu 55D
Câu 26CCâu 56C
Câu 27CCâu 57A
Câu 28ACâu 58A
Câu 29BCâu 59C
Câu 30ACâu 60B

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