Đề tham khảo tuyển sinh vào 10 môn Anh tỉnh Phú Thọ năm 2020

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Xem ngay đáp án đề thi tham khảo tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh tỉnh Phú Thọ năm 2020 giúp em thử sức và ôn tập tại nhà.

Sở GD&ĐT Phú Thọ vừa công bố đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 tham khảo năm học 2020/2021 môn Anh như sau:

Đề thi tham khảo

Câu I. Chọn một phương án A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại. (0,8 điểm) 


A. walked

B. finished 

C. fixed

D. mended 


A. hates

B. works

C. stops

D. lives


A. school

B. child

C. cheese

D. church


A. spend

B. invent

C. media

D. access

Câu II. Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp để hoàn thành các câu sau. (3,0 điểm) 

1. Students will ______ a two-hour examination at the end of the year.

A. take

B. make

C. come

D. do

2. This job is a lot different  ______ what I'm used to.

A. with

B. from

C. about

D. for

3. The young birds depend  ______ their parents for food several weeks.

A. at

B. into

C. on

D. by

4. She was  ______  that she always came top of the class.

A. so clever

B. too clever

C. such clever

D. clever enough

5. I could not eat  ______ I was very hungry.

A. despite

B. in spite of

C. although

D. because of

6. English is thought to be  ______ Maths.

A. harder than

B. more hard than

C. as hard than

D. the hardest to

7. The city will have to find a solution to reduce traffic jams,  ______ ?

A. will it

B. won't it

C. won't they

D. will they

8. He made  ______  a of Roman coins and medals.

A. collect

B. collective

C. collection

D. collector

9. According to our school's regulations, students  ______ use mobile phones in class.

A. mustn't

B. shouldn't

C. needn't

D. won't

10. - Minh: "I often stay up late on the weekends."

- Lan: ______ “

A. I am, too

B. Neither do I

C. I, too

D. So do I

11.  ______ go on a diet, you will not lose weight.

A. If you

B. If you not

C. Unless you

D. Unless you don't

12. She wore  ______ the party last night.

A. a long white wedding dress

B. a white long wedding dress

C. a wedding white long dress

D. a long wedding white dress

Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D ứng với từ/cụm từ đồng nghĩa với phần được gạch chân. 

13. Maths and English are compulsory subjects in this course.

A. effective

B. difficult

C. required

D. separated

14. What benefits does TV bring about to people's life?

A. difficulties

B. disadvantages

C. advantages

D. pictures

Chọn một phương án đúng A, B, C hoặc D ứng với câu đáp lại phù hợp trong các tình huống giao tiếp sau. 

15. Mike and Jenny are at their first meeting.

- Mike: "Let me introduce myself. I'm Mike."

- Jenny: "  ______ “.

A. You are welcome

B. It's my pleasure

C. I'm very pleased

D. Pleased to meet you

16. Two roommates are studying and the room is dark.

Linda: Would you mind opening the window?"

- Jane: "  ______ “.

A. I agéee with you

B. Yes, you can

C. Not at all

D. Yes, I'd love to

Câu III. Tìm một lỗi sai trong bốn phần gạch chân A, B, C hoặc D trong các câu sau đây. (0,8 điểm) 

1. Our earth is an only planet with a lot of oxygen in its atmosphere.

A. earth

B. an

C. a lot of

D. its

2. Our classroom couldn't use yesterday because it was being decorated.

A. couldn't use

B. because

C. it

D. decorated

3. I liked the house very much but I didn't have money enough to buy it.

A. very much

B. but

C. money enough

D. to buy

4. Are you going to paint the room yourself or have someone painted it?

A. Are you

B. to paint

C. yourself

D. painted

Câu IV. Viết dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn chỉnh các câu sau. (0,8 điểm) 

1. While we (talk) ______ on the phone, the children broke the bedroom window.

2. He is very thirsty because he (not drink) ______  since this morning.

3. Lan enjoys (walk) ______  on the street to see the falling leaves in autumn.

4. She used to (eat) ______  chocolate but now she hates it.

Câu V. Viết dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc để hoàn chỉnh các câu sau, (0,8 điểm) 

1. Mike is the best  ______ on the stage of the show tonight.(perform)

2. My grandma always appears with a  ______ smile on her face.(friend)

3. As a social worker, she doesn't agree that women are treated  ______ at work.(equal)

4. Our classmates were eager to take part in the English  ______  held by the English club. (compete)

Câu VI. Chọn một phương án đúng (A, B, C hoặc D) để điền vào chỗ trống trong đoạn văn sau. (0,8 điểm)

One thing that was really a turning point for me was when I learned Spanish. I was always kind of scared of learning a foreign language, yet I was really envious of kids (1) ______ could speak another language. When I started learning Spanish, (2) ______  , I found that I was pretty good at it. The moment I reached that breakthrough stage - you know, when you discover you can actually speak and (3)  ______   with people in the language - I felt really proud of myself. I realized that learning a foreign language was not an impossible thing after all. Now I can speak three: Spanish, Italian, and German. And I am (4) ______  Korean this year.


A. who

B. which

C. whom

D. what


A. therefore

B. however

C. though

D. but


A. practice

B. express

C. communicate

D. tell


A. doing

B. making

C. taking

D. speaking

Câu VII. Đọc đoạn văn sau và trả lời các câu hỏi. (0,8 điểm)

Jeans are considered to be the most popular kind of clothing in the world. They are popular almost everywhere and with everybody because they are not just practical but very fashionable as well. But what do you know about the history of jeans? Who made the first jeans?

In 1850 Levi Strauss, a young immigrant from Germany, arrived in San Francisco. He came to sell canvas, a heavy fabric used for tents, to gold miners. One day Strauss saw that the miners needed strong clothes for work. He quickly took some of his canvas and made it into pants. These pants were very strong and lasted a long time. The pants became very popular immediately. Later Strauss wanted to make his pants even better, so he started making his pants from cotton cloth that was softer than canvas but just as strong. This fabric came from Nimes, a city in France, and was called 'denim' (from de Nimes). Denim was popular in the fifteenth century. Christopher Columbus used denim for the sails of his ships. Sailors in Genoa, Italy, wore denim pants. The word ‘jeans’ comes from the word Genoa’. Mr Strauss made the first jeans in the United States, but their name and their kind of cloth came from Italy and France.

1. Why do jeans become popular?

2. According to the reading, what did the gold miners buy?

3. Does the word “jeans" come from "de Nimes"?

4. Where were the first jeans made?

Câu VII. Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng cho các câu hỏi. (0,8 điểm)

Air pollution is a serious problem in many cities. Motor vehicles, factories and other sources create so much air pollution that it may hang in the air like dirty fog. Air pollution threatens the health of the people who live in cities. City wastes cause water pollution when they are poured into the waterways. These wastes kill fish and make some areas unfit for swimming. In addition, many large cities have difficulties in disposing of their garbage. The amount of garbage grows each year, but places to put it are quickly filling up. Citizens, governments, industries, scientists, and business people must work together in different ways to gradually reduce pollution. For example, most cities have introduced recycling programs, which cut down on garbage and the space needed to store it. Residents separate recyclable products from garbage, and city governments provide drop-off cities or pick up the products from homes.

1. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Air pollution is a serious problem in all cities.

B. Air pollution is a serious problem in countries.

C. Air pollution is a serious problem in many cities.

D. Air pollution is a serious problem with the governments.

2. According to the passage, city wastes cause  _____.

A. air pollution

B. water pollution

C. soil pollution

D. noise pollution

3. What does the word "it" in the passage refer to?

A. garbage

B. pollution

C. water

D. problem

4. The word "different" is closest in meaning to _____.

A. like

B. same

C. similar

D. various

Câu IX. Hoàn chỉnh câu thứ hai sao cho không thay đổi nghĩa so với câu đã cho. (1,2 điểm) 

1. Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong founded Vinfast Automobile Company in 2017.

Vinfast Automobile Company ……….. ……….. ………..

2. "I am working for an international bank in Hanoi now," my brother said.

→ My brother said ……….. ……….. ………..

3. If you don't follow the guidelines from The

Ministry of Health, you may be affected by Covid-19.

→ Unless ……….. ……….. ………..

4. The last time we met Nguyen Quang Hai football player was two months ago.

→ We haven't ……….. ……….. ………..

5. Jenifer is more intelligent than all the other students in my class.

→ No ……….. ……….. ………..

6. My sister failed the exam because she was lazy.

→ Because of ……….. ……….. ………..

- Đề thi tham khảo vào 10 môn Anh tỉnh Phú Thọ 2020 -

Đáp án đề tham khảo tuyển sinh vào 10 môn Anh tỉnh Phú Thọ năm 2020


1. D

2. D

3. A

4. C


1. A

2. B

3. C

4. A

5. C

6. A


8. C

9. A

10. D

11. A

12. A

13. C

14. C

15. D

16. D


1. B

2. A

3. C

4. D


1. was talking

2. has not drunk

3. walking

4. eat


1. performer

2. friendly

3. equally

4. competition


1. A

2. B

3. C

4. C


1. Because they are not just practical but very fashionable as well.

2. The gold miners bought canvas - a heavy fabric used for tents

3. No, it doesn’t. The word ‘jeans’ comes from the word ‘Genoa’.

4. The first jeans were made in the United States


1. A

2. B

3. A

4. D


1. Vinfast Automobile Company was founded by Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong in 2017

2. My brother said he was working for an international bank in Hanoi then

3. Unless you follow the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, you may be affected by Covid - 19

4. We haven’t met Nguyen Quang Hai football player since two months ago

5. No one in my class is more intelligent than Jenifer

6. Because of the laziness, my sister failed the exam


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