Đáp án đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2017 - 2018 tỉnh Tiền Giang

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Đọc Tài Liệu xin gửi đến các bạn đáp án đề thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 năm 2017 - 2018 chính thức của sở GD&DT tỉnh Tiền Giang.

Đề thi:



Năm học 2017-2018      Mã đề 789


Thời gian: 60 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)
(Đề thi có 06 trang, gồm 32 câu trắc nghiệm và 2 bài viết luận)

I. PHẦN CHUNG (bắt buộc): (6.0 points)

Questions 1-12: Pick out ONE best option to complete each of the following sentences. (3.0 points)

1. I wish I......a bit taller now so I can apply for a job.

A. am                                      B. will be                                 C. were                                    D. had been

2. Paul Mauriat plays the piano. He is a......

A. music                                  B. musical                               C. musically                            D. musician

3. ~ John: "Excuse me?"   ~ Mary: "..........."

A. Yes?                                   B. No.                                                 C.Yes, please.                                     D. No, thanks.

4. She'll be coming tonight. ......I don't know exactly when.

A. although                             B. because                               C. unless                                  D. when

5. We stopped......bought some fruit.

A. and                                                 B. but                                      C. or                                        D. so

6. I am very interested......mathematics.

A. at                                        B. about                                  C. in                                        D. on

7. The people......called yesterday want to buy the house.

A. what                                   B. whose                                 C. whom                                 D. who

8. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, ......?

A. did they                              B. didn't they                          C. did she                                D. didn't she

9. I......for them even if they......me twice my current salary.

A. will work - pay                                                                   B. wouldn't work - pay

C. work - will pay                                                                   D. wouldn't work - paid

10. We are glad...... .

A. you gain the scholarship                                                     B. that you gain the scholarship

C. that you to gain the scholarship                                         D. to that you gain the scholarship

11. The electric light bulb......by Edison in 1879.

A. invented                             B. is invented                          C. was invented                      D. has invented

12. "I'll take the cooking class before I go to college," said Jack.

A. Jack said that before he goes to college, he'll take a cooking class.

B. Jack told that before he went to college, he'd take a cooking class.

C. Jack said that I'd take a cooking class before I went to college.

D. Jack said that he'd take a cooking class before he went to college.

Questions 13-14: Pick out the word that has the main stressed syllable pronounced differently from the others. (0.5 point)

12. A. climate                          B. language                             C. machine                              D. wonder

14. A. history                          B. interest                                C. museum                              D. uniform

Questions 15-16: Pick out the word that has the underlined syllable pronounced differently from the others. (0.5 point)

15. A. beds                              B. groups                                 C. jams                                    D. skills

16. A. bulbs                            B. cut                                      C. put                                      D. shut

Questions 17-18: Pick out the word that is of the different topic (or part of speech) from the others. (0.5 point)

17. A. tourist                           B. traveller                              C. villager                                D. visitor

18. A. beef                              B. egg                                      C. meat                                    D. rice

Questions 19-24: Read the passage below then pick out ONE best option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each of the following sentences. (1.5 points)

    Sydney was founded as a British colony in 1788. Sydney was the first everlasting European settlement in Australia and today it is the country's largest city area, with about 4 million residents. Sydney is the seat of state government as the capital of New South Wales, Australia's most populous and economically important state. The city is an active cultural centre with a varied economy based on service industries, tourism, manufacturing, and international commerce. Its port is one of the leading centers of intercontinental trade in the Asia-Pacific region. Sydney is located on Australia’s southeastern coast at Port Jackson, a large, sheltered, deep-water inlet of the Tasman Sea.

   Sydney is well-known for its Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is the centerpiece of the city’s places for live performances of ballet, opera, and classical music. The Australian Opera, Australian Ballet, and Sydney Dance companies regularly stage performances there. Moreover, the place often hosts internationally touring performances. Sydney also has many places for musical theater, drama, and popular music. The Sydney Theatre Company is one of many successful theatre companies in the city. Sydney is also home to the internationally praised Australian Chamber Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

   The cultural life of Sydney is exciting and varied, reflecting the multicultural nature of the city. Many festivals, parades, and outdoor concerts cheer up the city streets in the summer months. Annual events include the Sydney Festival in January and February, the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in March, the Royal Easter Show in April, and the multicutural festival Carnivale in September and October. Sydney has also become world renowned for its street parties and fireworks on New Year's Eve and on Australia Day, celebrated on Sydney's Founding date, January 26.

(Microsoft ® Encarta V 2009 © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

(Source: http://referaty.atlas.sk/cudzie-jazyky/anglictina/16544/)

19. According to the first paragrpah, the following are true of Sydney EXCEPT……

A. It was set up in the 18th century.

B. Europe had it as the first settlement in Australia.

C. Now Sydney is the capital of Australia.

D. Today it has a population of nearly 4 million people.

20. The word intercontinental in the first paragraph could be best replaced with……

A. within continents               B. into continents                    C. out of continents                D. between continents

21. According to the second paragraph, which of the following is TRUE of the Sydney Opera House?

A. International film festivals are held here.                          B. This place hosts live modern music programs.

C. Plays are not performed here.                                            D. This building makes Sydney famous.

22. In the last paragrpah, the word “annual” means……

A. each year                            B. every year               C. yearly                                  D. all year round

23. From the passage, it can be inferred that Sydney was established……

A. on New Year’s Eve, 1791                                      B. in April, 1789

C. in October, 1790                                                    D. in January, 1788

24. What is the best title for the passage?

A. Sydney’s Cultural Life                                          B. History of Sydney

C. The Sydney Opera House                                      D. Sydney In People’s Views

II. PHẦN RIỀNG (tự chọn): (4.0 points)

(Thí sinh chọn 1 trong 2 chương trình hiện hành hoặc chương trình mới)


Questions 25-32: Pick out ONE best option (A, B, C, or D) to fill in each numbered blank, completeing the meaning of the passage. (2.0 points)

   Before the (25)……of newspapers, town criers would go through city streets ringing a bell. They shouted the latest news as they were walking.

   In Vietnam people love reading newspapers and magazines. The Tuoi Tre is one of the (26)……newspapers and is widely read by young and old alike.

   Thanks to television people can get the latest information and enjoy interesting programs in an inexpensive and convenient way. Nowadays, viewers can watch a (27)……of local and international programs on different channels.

   The next stage in the development of television is interactive TV. Viewers are able to ask questions about the show (28)……their remote controls.

   The Internet has (29)……developed and become part of our everyday life. People find the Internet useful. People use the Internet for many purposes. Some access the Internet to look for information, some surf the web for entertainment and (30)……rely on the Internet as a means of education.

   The mass media plays an important (31)……in collecting and passing on information. The information may be local, national or international. It can cover a wide range of topics, from news and weather to entertainment. News stories contain information about politics, the economy and such international affairs (32)……wars or natural disasters.

(Adapted from English 9, p. 40, Giao Duc Publishing House)

25. A. invent                        B. inventor                                 C. inventory                            D. invention

26. A. less popular               B. more popular                         C. least popular                       D. most popular

27. A. amount                      B. deal                                        C. variety                                D. plenty

28. A. by using                     B. and use                                  C. to use                                  D. of using

29. A. carefully                    B. immediately                           C. increasingly                        D. fortunately

30. A. others                        B. other                                      C. the other                             D. another

31. A. duty                           B. role                                        C. task                                     D. work

32. A. so that                       B. because of                             C. in spite of                           D. as

2. Tự Luận: (2 points)

Writing: Thí sinh làm cả 2 bài luận dưới đây.

a) Your class wants to help the poor in the neighbourhood. As a leader of the class, write a speech to make suggestions, using the prompts: (1.0 point)


  - collect unused clothes

  - organize a show to raise money

  - give lessons to poor children

  - help elderly people and war invalids with their chores


   Begin with:

   “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.I’m going to tell you how to help the poor.

   First, I suggest…..”


b) Your friends want to improve their English. As their best friends, write a speech to make suggestions, using the prompts: (1.0 point)

   - work harder on your pronunciation

   - write sentences with new words

   - speak English in class

     - buy a good dictionary


Begin with:

  “Hi, guys. I’m going to tell you how to improve your English. First, I suggest….”



1. Trắc Nghiệm Đọc Hiểu:

Questions 25-32: Pick out ONE best option (A, B, C, or D) to fill in each numbered blank, completeing the meaning of the passage: (2.0 points)


   The International Space Station (ISS) is a large spacecraft which was launched in 1998. It orbits the Earth and is the place where astronauts live and conduct research in a microgravity (25)…..

   Below is about the day in the life of an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

   Astronauts sleep in sleeing bags. The microgravity makes them (26)…… . They have to attach themselves so they don’t float about.

   Hair is washed with a “rinseless” shampoo that does not need water. For toothbrushing, a small (27)……of water is used with toothpaste and then swallowed.

   The crew spend their day doing science experiments. They also carry out checks for the maintenance of the station. The Mission Control Centre on Earth (28)……their operations.

   The astronauts eat various foods (29)……fruits, nuts, chicken, beef, seafood, brownies, salt and pepper (in liquid forms), etc. Drinks include coffee, tea, and fruits juice (all packaged). Foods can be heated up or kept cool with special machines.

   A popular pastime while orbiting Earth is (30)……looking out of the windows to admire its beauty. In their free time, astronauts exercise, watch movies, play music, read books, play cards, and talk to their families.

   How are astronauts trained? Anyone can apply to train as an astronaut as long as they have a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics or engineering, experience as a jet pilot, and are (31)…… If they get accepted, there are several phases of training. The first phase requires them to pass a swimming test in a flight suit. They take parabolic flights that produce weightlessness. They also learn about various spaceship systems. In the second phase, they are trained to operate spacecraft systems and deal with emergencies. The training often (32)……in a water tank laboratory so that trainees become familiar with crew activities in simulated microgravity in order to perform spacewalks.

(Adapted from TiếngAnh 9, p. 52, Giao Duc Publishing House)


25. A. environment                     B. area                                 C. sky                          D. society

26. A. weight                              B. weightless                       C. overweight                         D. weighty

27. A. sum                                   B. group                              C. number                   D. amount

28. A. avoids                               B. supports                          C. prevents                  D. warns

29. A. as for                                B. because of.                     C. such as                    D. in spite of

30. A. simple                               B. simply                             C. simplicity                D. simpler

31. A. in bad shape                     B. in ill health                      C. in good mood         D. in good health

32. A. arrives at                           B. cares for                          C. takes place              D. looks after


2. Tự Luận: (2 points)

Writing: Thí sinh làm cả 2 bài luận dưới đây.

a) A visitor has a day to spend in your hometown/city. As a guide to the town/city. Write a paragraph to give advice, using the prompts: (1.0 point)

  - For entertaining, you/go/the Museum of History.

  You/spend/time/look round and explore Vietnamese culture.

  - For culture, you/go/craft village.

 You/learn how to make pottery/learn to paint on/ceramics

  - For education, you/go/botanical garden.

 You/climb up the hill/read books at the top/feed the pigeons


 Begin with:


    “Welcome.I’m going to tell you how to spend yout time in the town/city.

     For entertaining, I suggest…..”


b) Your friends want to improve their English. As their best friends, write a speech to make suggestions, using the prompts: (1.0 point)

   - work harder on your pronunciation

   - write sentences with new words

   - speak English in class

   - buy a good dictionary


 Begin with:

  “Hi, guys. I’m going to tell you how to improve your English. First, I suggest….”


I. Phần chung

II. Phần riêng

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. A

5. A

6. C

7. B

8. D

9. D

10. B

11. C

12. D

13. C

14. C

15. B

16. C

17. C

18. D

19. C

20. A

21. B

22. C

23. D

24. B

Chương trình hiện hành:

25. D

26. D

27. C

28. A

29. C

30. A

31. B

32. D

Chương trình mới:

25. A

26. B

27. D

28. D

29. C

30. B

31. D

32. C



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