Question 6: What kind of film is Yellow flowers on the green grass'?

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"Yellow flowers on the green grass" is a 2015 Vietnamese drama, which was directed by Victor Vu. It is adapted from the novel of the same name by Nguyen Nhat Anh. The film stars Thinh Vinh and Trong Khang. Although there aren't any famous actors, the film attracted a large audience.
The film is about the childhood of the brothers Thieu (Thinh Vinh) and Tuong (Trong Khang) in a poor rural village in central Vietnam in the 1980s. They share and do everything together. However, when their friend next door Man (Thanh My), comes to stay with them and a big flood hits their village, there is a big misunderstanding that leads to Tuong's back injury. The film has an open ending with the scene of Thieu and Tuong studying in their house.
The film received many positive reviews from critics for its touching story, beautiful and familiar scenery of the country in Vietnam, and the especially impressive acting of three main actors.
The film touches audiences' hearts because it is about a story of childhood but it is not childish nor for only children; it's for adults who used to be children. It makes them cry and laugh together when they remember their own childhood, hometown and family. The film is well worth watching.
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Question 6: What kind of film is “Yellow flowers on the green grass'?
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Thông tin: "Yellow flowers on the green grass" is a 2015 Vietnamese drama.
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