​Trắc nghiệm từ vựng Tiếng Anh từ đồng nghĩa - Đề số 2

Bộ đề trắc nghiệm từ vựng môn Tiếng Anh về từ đồng nghĩa đề số 2 có đáp án chi tiết nhằm giúp học sinh ôn tập và củng cố từ vựng Tiếng Anh trong nhiều lĩnh vực.

Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ được gạch chân trong câu:

Câu 1. Sports and festivals form an integral part of every human society.
Câu 2. As tourism is more developed, people worry about the damage to the flora and fauna of the island.
Câu 3. It’s a really difficult matter to decide how to solve now. I will need time to think it twice.
Câu 4. He insisted on listening to the entire story.
Câu 5. We can use either verbal or nonverbal forms of communication.
Câu 6. The education system is a mirror that reflects the culture.
Câu 7. It is an occasion when strength and sports are tested, friendship and solidarity was built and deepened.
Câu 8. Nobody knows the origin of the Vietnamese long dress. There was no evidence about where and when it appeared.
Câu 9. The shop assistant was totally bewildered by the customer’s behavior.
Câu 10. Reaching 35 and obviously aging, Jane has to make up her mind on her future very soon.
Câu 11. How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games?
Câu 12. Mobile libraries brings books to children in many small communities. These libraries travel from towns to towns in cars, vans, or trucks.
Câu 13. The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids.
Câu 14. Whenver problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.
Câu 15. You never really know where you are with her as she just blows hot and cold.
Câu 16. These were the people who advocated using force to stop school violence.
Câu 17. When preparing a diet, a person should be aware that vitamin D acts to increase the amount of calcium absorbed by the body.
Câu 18. If you do not understand the word "superstitious", look it up in the dictionary.
Câu 19. Now I understand why you moved out of that house.
Câu 20. Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines is reported to vanish on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
Câu 21. People are busy buying gifts, cleaning and decorating the house and cooking traditional foods to welcome Tet holiday now.
Câu 22. Many new graduates take a part – time job and barely make ends meet every month.
Câu 23. Although we argued with him for a long time, he stood his ground.
Câu 24. You can make a good living in sales if you have the right attitude and strategies.
Câu 25. Most ethnic groups in Vetnam have their own costumes that reflect their unique culture identities.
Câu 26. Fallout from a nuclear power station damaged in the tsunami may endanger the vegetation.
Câu 27. He was asked to account for his presence at the scene of crime.
Câu 28. Participants from 100 countries go to the Olympic Games.
Câu 29. We decided to pay for the car on the installment plan.
Câu 30. I told you clearly and definitely not to write your answers in pencil, Smith!

đáp án ​Trắc nghiệm từ vựng Tiếng Anh từ đồng nghĩa - Đề số 2

CâuĐáp ánCâuĐáp án
Câu 1DCâu 16A
Câu 2CCâu 17D
Câu 3ACâu 18C
Câu 4CCâu 19D
Câu 5BCâu 20D
Câu 6CCâu 21C
Câu 7BCâu 22B
Câu 8CCâu 23D
Câu 9BCâu 24D
Câu 10DCâu 25C
Câu 11ACâu 26B
Câu 12ACâu 27C
Câu 13DCâu 28C
Câu 14DCâu 29B
Câu 15CCâu 30C

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