Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Anh 2020 trường THPT Lê Viết Thuật

Xuất bản: 10/02/2020 - Cập nhật: 11/09/2020 - Tác giả: Giangdh

Tham khảo đề thi thử vào 10 năm 2020 môn Anh trường THPT Lê Viết Thuật tỉnh Nghệ An, luyện đề thi thử để chuẩn bị cho kì thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 quan trọng sắp tới.

Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Anh 2020 trường THPT Lê Viết Thuật tỉnh Nghệ An giúp các em thử sức đồng thời đánh giá lại chất lượng học tập của mình để chuẩn bị cho kì thi tuyển sinh vào 10 sắp tới đạt điểm số tốt nhất.

Đề thi thử vào 10 môn Anh trường THPT Lê Viết Thuật

I/ Pronunciation:Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other.

1. a. pond             b. post          c. ghost     d. go

2. a. compulsory   b. dull           c. pull        d. result

3. a. continent       b. depend     c. send     d. pretend

4. a. says              b. prays         c. plays    d. days

5. a. climate          b. pride          c. quit        d. primary

II/ Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

6. My pen pal and I are far away from each other, but we always …….. .

a. keep on

b. get on

c. keep in touch

d. write on

7. Is physical education…….. in your school ?

a. traditional

b. additional

c. national

d. compulsory

8. Her good behaviours made a deep…….. on all the class members.

a. impression

b. expression

c. kindness

d. happiness

9. The…….. language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.

a. international

b. national

c. continental

d. country


. It seems difficult for me to have a trip…….. at present.

a. abroad       

b. outside

c. above

d. inside

11. Malaysia is…….. into two regions: The East and the West Malaysia.

a. separate

b. divided

c. parted

d. comprised

12. They have…….. for nearly two years, but this was their first meeting.

a. worked

b. written

c. corresponded

d. talked

13. A person with whom one becomes friendly by corresponding is a …….. .

a. writer

b. pen-name

c. pen-friend

d. pen-writer

14. Visitors are welcomed by friendly and hospitable…….. of Vietnamese people.

a. attitude

b. expression

c. impression

d. religion

15. They really enjoy the peaceful…….. in Vietnam.

a. impression

b. atmosphere

c. expression

d. faces

16. This is a difficult problem. I wish I ……..the answer.

a. know

b. knew


had known

d. would know

17. I couldn’t come to Mary’s birthday party last night. I wish…….. there.

a. I could

b. I had come

c. I could have come

d. came

18. Mr. Poole has lived in Vietnam for many years. He …….. the hot climate here.

a. used to

b. is used to

c. gets used to d.

d. b & c are correct

19. She arrived ……..two o’clock…….. the morning.

a. at/ on           

b. in/ in                 

c. at / in                         

d. on/ in

20. I’m worried about my basketball team. I ……..they play well.

a. wish

b. hope

c. want

d. ask

21. I wish earned more money, but in fact I …….. .

a. don’t

b. did

c. earn

d. didn’t

22. Sit down everybody. The film is ………to start.

a. ready for

b. about to

c. coming to

d. already

23. We ………her a happy new year.



b. said

c. told

d. wanted

24. You can’t smoke in here. It is ………the law.

a. according to

b. again

c. against                       

d. opposite

25. Brown and yellow hair is fashionable………the moment.

a. in

b. at                   

c. over                             

d. on

26. Tan doesn’t know………about sports.

a. nothing

b. things

c. anything

d. something

27. I knew Jane………I was a child.

a. until

b. as

c. during                         

d. through

28. It’s pouring with rain again! If only I………an umbrella.

a. have

b. having

c. had had

d. had

29. Frenda came to the meeting but Charles didn’t. I wish he………there.

a. did

b. were


had come

d. came

30. Miss White is a nurse. She ………working at night.

a. used to

b. uses to

c. is used to

d. has used to

31. Precious metals such as gold, silver… ………for making jewelries.

a. used to               

b. are used         

c. is used

d. used

32. You remind me………your uncle. We used to work ………each other.

a. of/ to                   

b. of / with

c. with / for

d. for/ with

33. Wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. Helmets are used………our heads.

a. to protect

b. protect

c. protecting

d. protected

34. I always read books before bedtime. I ………reading books at night

a. am used for         

b. used to

c. am used to

d. was used to

35. You………too fast. That’s why you feed tired.

a. walk

b. are walking


were walking

d. walked

36. It’s a pity you didn’t go on a trip with us. We all wish………with us.

a. go

b. could go

c. went                         

d. had gone

37. ……… did you start playing basketball? –I was 15 years old.

a. Why

b. Where

c. How                         

d. When

38. We must wait ……… Friday for our final exam results.

a. after

b. by

c. until

d. later

39. He never drinks beer. He ………drinking beer.

a. used

b. isn’t used             

c. used to

d. isn’t used for

40. “ Can I smoke is here?” –“  I’d rather you ……… .”

a. don’t

b. didn’t                     

c. can’t

d. couldn’t

Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.


I feel really tired. I wish I didn’t go to the party last night.

A   B   C  D

42. I have broken my pencil. May I borrow one of your?

A    B   C   D

43. When I was on holiday last summer, I was going to the beach everyday.

A    B    C   D

44. Tom used to going to school by bus. Now he goes by bike.

A   B    C   D

45. Mary is used to do her homework by herself.

A  B  C  D

46. On winter day, we all used to sit around the fire and told stories.

A    B   C    D

47. The Chinese build the Great Wall over two thousand years ago.

A   B   C   D

48. We get used to live in the countryside before we moved to Ho Chi Minh City.

A    B    C   D

49. In the modern world, people can easily communicate with telephone, radio, and computer.

A   B    C   D

50. The package containing books and records were delivered last week.

A   B   C   D

IV/ Reading comprehension:Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

New York – The Big Apple

Our arrival in New York was spectacular. It’s skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty make a …51……sight. New York has a …52……of over seven million and it is probably the world’s most famous city. The inhabitants of the “Big Apple”  come from many …53……countries. There are more nationalities in New York…54……in any other places on the earth. It is also has…55……tourists than any other city except London, especially in the summer. …56……come from all…57……the world and have a wonderful time. There are so many …58……for them to get enthusiastic about – whether it’s some of the …59……museums in the world or the …60……little streets of Greenwich Village.

51. a. sad

b. beautiful

c. horrible

d. cold

52. a. attraction

b. impression

c. population

d. people

53. a. same

b. young

c. old

d. different

54. a. than

b. rather

c. of

d. to

55. a. many

b. much

c. more

d. lots

56. a. Visit

b. Visitors

c. Workers

d. Goers

57. a. in

b. from

c. over

d. of

58. a. attraction

b. place

c. sights

d. area

59. a. good

b. better

c. best

d. nicer

60. a. to charm

b. charm

c. charmed

d. charming


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