Đề thi thử vào 10 môn Anh năm 2021 sở GD ĐT Thanh Hoá

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Đề thi thử tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Anh sở GD ĐT Thanh Hoá năm 2021 trong bộ đề thi thử mới nhất dành cho các em học sinh lớp 9 tham khảo.

Tham khảo ngay đề thi thử vào lớp 10 2021 môn anh sở GD ĐT Thanh Hoá năm 2021 hay nhất dành cho các em học sinh lớp 9. Cùng Đọc tài liệu thử sức với đề thi dưới đây nhé:

Đề thi thử vào 10 môn tiếng Anh phòng GD ĐT huyện Đông Anh, Hà Nội

PHẦN A: NGỮ  ÂM (1,0 điểm) 

I. Chọn từ có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác so với các từ còn lại. 


A. wanted

B. needed

C. dedicated

D. watched


A. dislike

B. design

C. music

D. light


A. number

B. return

C. summer

D. product

II. Chọn từ có trọng âm chính rơi vào vị trí khác so với các từ còn lại.



B. morning

C. happen

D. cartoon


A. advise

B. destroy

C. erupt

D. happen


I. Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành các câu sau. 

1. When my mother came home from work, I (cook).....dinner.

2. Jane (go).....to school by bicycle every day.

3. The children (play).....badminton in the stadium now.

4. The candidates mustn't (bring).....books into the examination room.

5. Nam promised (not play).....games very often.

II. Cho dạng đúng của các từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành các câu sau. 

1. The children are playing ….. on the beach. (HAPPY)

2. I think he sings the most…..in the contest. (BEAUTY)

3. Who is the ….. at English in your class ?. (GOOD)

4. English is an….. and important subject. (INTEREST)

5.Don't waste water. It is our….. resource. (NATURE)

III. Chọn một đáp án đúng trong số A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau. 

1. Remember…..off the lights when leaving the room.

A. turn

B. to turn

C. turning

D. turned

2. Nam has learned English….. a long time.

A. at

B. in

C. for

D. since

3. "Would you like a glass of green tea ?"- "Yes,.....

A. of course

B. I do like

C. I would

D. please

4. The…...growth rate of Vietnam reached about 8.0% in 2007.

A. economics

B. economic

C. economy

D. economically

5. Honda motorbikes….. in Viet Nam.

A. produce

B. will produce

C. are produced

D. would be produced

6. The book…..is on the table belongs to my brother.

A. which

B. where

C. whose

D. who

7. She was sick yesterday, …… she was absent from school.

A. since

B. so

C. because

D. so that

8. His house looks very large and beautiful. It is…..house.

A. a seven-rooms

B. a seven-room

C. seven room

D. seven rooms

9. She asked me if I….. a laptop computer the following day.


B. will buy

C. bought

D. would buy

10. - Nam: “How long does it take you to go to school?”

- Hoa: …...

A. by motorbike

B. 30 minutes

C. 30 kilometers

D. to the West of the city

PHẦN C: ĐỌC HIỂU (3,0 điểm) 

I.Đọc và chọn một từ thích hợp đã cho trong khung điền vào mỗi chỗ trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. 

solar /provided / pollution / of / effective

Are you looking for a cheap, clean, (1).... source of power that doesn't cause (2).....or waste natural resources? Look no further than solar energy from the Sun. At present, most of our electricity comes from the use of coal, gas, oil or nuclear power. This power could be (3)......

by the Sun. One percent of the solar energy that reached the Earth is enough to provide power for the total population. Many countries are already using (4)..... energy. Solar panels are placed on the roof of a house and the Sun's energy is used to heat water. The energy can be stored for a number of days, so on cloudy days you can use solar energy, too. Sweden has an advanced solar energy program. There all buildings will be heated by solar energy and cars will use solar power instead (5)..... by the year 2015.

II. Chọn một đáp án trong số A, B, C hoặc D điền vào mỗi chỗ trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau.

When I first started learning English ten years ago. I could hardly (1)..... word - "hello" , "goodbye", "thank you" was just about it ! I went to classes two evenings a week and I was surprised at how quickly I made progress. (2).....the course we learned lots of vocabulary and studied grammar rules. The thing I enjoyed most was being able to practice speaking with the other students in my class. After two years I went to England to a language school .It was in Cambridge . I did a (3)..... course at a very good school and I stayed with a local family. It was a fantastic experience and I (4)...... up a lot of new language from speaking with my host family and with other students from (5)..... the world. I really improved my pronunciation as well. When I got back to Spain , I was so much more confident. I could actually hold a conversation with my teacher in English.


A. talk

B. speak

C. say

D. tell


A. During

B. After

C. Before

D. While


A. three-weeks

B. third-weeks

C. threes- weeks

D. three-week


A. picked

B. looked

C. got

D. stood


A. all

B. over

C. over all

D. all over

III. Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng cho các câu hỏi.

Smoking causes lung cancer, which is the number one cancer among men. Ninety percent of the people who get lung cancer die. Smoking is also the leading cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer. Many smokers have heart disease and pneumonia. Smoking causes one million early deaths in the world every year.

Smokers not only harm themselves but also harm others. Smokers breathe smoke out into the air. They breathe it out on their children and their wives or husbands. Children whose parents smoke have more breathing and lung problems than other children. Women who are married to smokers are more likely to have lung cancer than those married to nonsmokers. We are all aware that smoking is bad. So why do people smoke?

1. The number one cancer among men is….

A. tongue cancer

B. throat cancer

C. lung cancer

D. mouth cancer

2. The main cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer is…...

A. drinking

B. overeating

C. breathing

D . smoking

3. Every year, smoking causes about one million…..

A. cancer patients

B. killing diseases

C. early deaths

D. injured men

4. The word "it" in the passage refers to …..

A. cancer

B. smoke

C. air

D. breath

5. Who are more likely to have lung cancer and lung problems?

A. People who live in the city

B. People who live with smokers.

C. People who live with non-smokers.

D. People who live in the country.

PHẦN D: VIẾT (2,0 điểm) 

I. Viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi so với ban đầu, bắt đầu bằng từ gợi ý.

1. People have used the internet all over the world.

→ The internet…..

2. What a pity I don't have a laptop.

→ I wish ..........

3. Despite the bad weather, we went to the cinema together.

→ Although ........

4. I don't have the key, so I can not get into the house.

→ If I ..............

5. It's very wonderful to spend the week in the countryside.

→ Spending....

II. Sử dụng từ cho trong ngoặc để viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi so với ban đầu. 

1. I spend an hour playing basketball in the morning. (TAKES)


2.Nam likes watching television every day. (KEEN)


3. The man is standing over there.He teaches English for us. (WHO)


4. I don't have much money, so I can't go around the world. (IF)

→ .......

5. You'd better study English every day. (SHOULD)



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